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Department of distance learning

The education process of correspondence learning is conducted in two faculties: Sports and health recovery faculty and Sports training faculty.

The admission in correspondence learning system is carried out in the following specialities:

  • free-style wrestling,
  • greco-roman wrestling,
  • sambo,
  • judo,
  • karate-do,
  • boxing,
  • weightlifting,
  • fencing,
  • rescue work,
  • skiing,
  • cycling,
  • football,
  • tennis,
  • basketball,
  • volleyball,
  • handball,
  • table tennis,
  • chess,
  • athletics,
  • swimming,
  • rowing,
  • gymnastics,
  • sports dancing,
  • adaptive physical culture,
  • kinesiology
  • sports journalism.

Education is carried out on paid basis. The tuition fee is 340.000 drams.

Duration of the study is five years by Bachelor's education program.

Teachers without higher education who work in secondary schools and have at least one year of experience can enter the Institute by target order. Their education is guaranteed by the heads of regional administrations or communities.

The tution fee of these students is 50000 drams

Privileges of full-time applicants are applied for the applicants of correspondence education.